An account of Drake’s relationship with the Instagram model is given here. If you want to know more about this interesting duo, read on.


The IG Prototype and Drake

A model on Instagram has accused Drake of being excessively passionate during a recent intimate encounter at the rapper’s hotel.

The model alleges that Aubrey Drake Graham, a self-proclaimed Certified Lover Boy, killed his sperm by putting a packet of hot sauce in a used condom.

Who is The IG Model Suing Drake

She retrieved the condom from the garbage can where he had thrown it and, thinking it was inert, tried to use it to conceive in the bathroom.

The Real Story

Before they had their first sexual encounter, Drake used the restroom to put on a condom.

As soon as they were done, the “Hotline Bling” singer returned to the bathroom to flush the preventative.

As of right now, things have taken a somewhat odd turn.

The model allegedly followed Drake into the bathroom, where she emptied the condom directly into her genitalia.

Drake ran into the bathroom to check on her after she suddenly felt a scorching feeling and started screaming.

The artist then told the model that, just in case she ever tried to conceive with him, he had poured some hot sauce from a package into the rubber to kill any sperm.

Who is that Instagram Supermodel?

The name of the Instagram model has not yet been revealed.
She reported that she and Drake had an intimate night.
The model claims that she and her date went to a party before heading back to the hotel.
According to the model, they gave each other the nod, then smoked together and had a sexual encounter.

goals of the IG model

But the model, who is seeking quick cash and who longs to become the rapper’s baby mama, retrieved the used condom from the garbage and used it to try to conceive.
Then she realised the condom was stuffed with chilli sauce.

She believes that Drake engages in this practise to prevent ladies like herself from gaining access to Drake’s cash cow.

She further disclosed her plan to file a lawsuit against Drake in the near future.
Since then, they have inundated the internet with memes applauding Drake for not having a string of baby moms.

Problematizing Issues

One swift responder to the incident on social media wrote, “Hot sauce condom was good for for Drake, he needed it after what y’all did to him on TikTok.”
Another commenter said, “Drake is P for putting hot sauce in his condom,” using a word made popular by Gunna Pushin P.

The user who remarked, “Drake puts spicy sauce in his used condoms,” summed up the rapper’s controversial habit.

Holes can be found all throughout Tristan Thompson’s.

Whoever spoke next wondered how nobody had mentioned that Drake’s old condom had been packed with orange/red come

What, She Knew it and Yet Tried to Become Pregnant?

You can’t hide the colour of hot sauce… “This doesn’t make any sense.”
A model on Instagram was called a “dumba**” after she was accused of suing rapper Drake because he allegedly put hot sauce in his used condom to kill his sperm to prevent “bi**hes like you” from trapping him in the bathroom.

You went out there looking for him, right? “He should sue you, you a**hole.”
One person commented, “Drake is truly onto something with this hot sauce in the condom trick…I’m going to create a hot sauce company and I’m going to call it plan C.”
Another member of the group said, “The Drake hot sauce condom tale is strange and doesn’t feel REAL.” Think of the difficulty of trying to outwit Drake and get a Money bag for child support.

The old “bag” is simply opened and emptied into the designated area. And then get all worked up about filing a lawsuit.”