In the world of technology, gaming marked its own significance. The thing that made gaming more fun and attractive is the sense of achievement. People desire to find a clue and move to the next level. Cloud gaming is considered as the greatest revolution in the history of video gaming. Continue reading to know about what is Cloud Gaming, how it works and Best Cloud Gaming Services.


What Cloud Gaming is and How it Works?

It allows the users to play the latest games without any console or an expensive gaming computer. The games are streamed to a laptop or a smartphone and can be played immediately. This is available by a subscription just like Netflix or Amazon.

Best Cloud Gaming Services to Stream Video Games

The games will be running on special servers known as cloud and are transmitted to the player in the real time. Users can choose the device they want to play with and do not need any other hardware. Video and audio are streamed. With a keyboard, touchscreen or controller the player enters his commands and actions which are then send through the network to the cloud.

Best Cloud Gaming Services to Stream Video Games

One of the advantages is that we can start playing without downloading or updating. This means that instead of spending a lot on PC or console we can simply log into clients account from our computers and start playing. But a good internet connection is important. Here are the some of the best cloud gaming services in the present world.

#1 GeForce Now

GeForce Now is also one of best platforms available because it has amazing graphics. It was developed by NVIDIA which is now focusing on artificial intelligence.

Features of GeForce Now

  • Recently Nvidia announced that a version of GeForce comes with more than 400 games.
  • With digital stores like Steam and Uplay we can easily play any game on our PC and buy a new one within no time.
  • The advantage of this platform is that it does not require any maintenance. Even this platform should also have good internet connection and it should be at least 10Mbps.
  • GeForce Now has an ultra streaming feature which means it has high streaming speed that is nearly around 60fps to 120fps. By this latency is reduced.
  • The only disadvantage is that, it is currently available in beta mode only. That means if we want to play we need to send a request for the access of this platform.

#2 Shadow

Recently Blade, the French startup behind Shadow announced few interesting facts, news and changes made in the platform. At present the platform offers only single configuration and now it is trying to move away from this and start a new concept with three different plans.

It is a virtual computer cloud based system. We can play it on any device. Just download the platform, make a shadow account and start playing. It has no limitations we can use it anywhere at any time. It gives us an extreme gaming experience. It is a French streaming platform which was launched in 2015.

Features of Shadow

  • We can easily switch our account from one device to another device that is we can easily jump from a laptop to a tablet and even to a phone in a single game play without losing our data or our game progress. This feature in shadow had become a milestone of this platform.
  • As a vital point it requires good internet speed that is it requires at least 15mbps.
  • It also has high end security feature, the platform prohibit the customers from using it for unlawful purposes. Hence there is no chance for virus to infect our PC.
  • It is currently live in few countries such a France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
  • Shadow is not cheap. There are different rates depending upon the place and the time duration.
  • It costs minimum $49.95 for a month-to-month subscription. The cost decreases as time period increases.
  • By the end of February 2020 the gamers will be able to get these three plans namely Boost, Ultra and Infinite.
  • The prices depend upon the place and the time period we take in our subscription. This company also announced that the rates will become more expensive after the first fifty thousand (50,000) customers.
  • According to a survey it is observed that there are now nearly seventy thousand (70,000) shadow cloud gaming subscriber across eight countries. This is actually a pretty big value and we can imagine the curiosity and enthusiasm of the customers.

#3 PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is an amazing cloud gaming service with best offers available to satisfy the need of gaming of their costumers which was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and launched in 2014 at North America. At the present movement, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 games are in service and can be streamed to PC.

Features of PlayStation Now

  • It has free 7-day trail and also packages such as US$9.99 per month, $59.99 per year and so on. These are the subscription plans available till now.
  • These can be enjoyed through PlayStation Now platform without having any PlayStation Plus subscription. PlayStation Plus subscription is required for an online multiplayer who is outside the PlayStation Now service.
  • In order to get good gaming experience and performance Sony recommends that player should have minimum 5Mbps internet connection.
  • As of now nearly 800 games are available and almost 300 games can be downloaded. It is good to note that new games are added every month. So we will not get bored by playing same games all the time.
  • PlayStation Now is currently operating in 12 countries like Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, USA and many more.
  • The only disadvantage is that we need have our own PlayStation 4 controller to access this and unlimited download access is only available for PlayStation 4.

#4 Parsec Cloud Gaming

Like other cloud game streaming services, Parsec offers 60fps, low latency game play over the good internet connection including a desktop app.

Features of Parsec Cloud Gaming

  • This server also has high end security feature in which it does not store any plain text password. Each user will have their own randomly generated certificate which is approved by Parsec.
  • The main advantage is that is has peer-to-peer network that means we can join, play, enjoy, and share the games online with anyone in the world.
  • To describe in one sentence this platform offer multiplayer streaming tool this enables the user to play game with different persons at different places.
  • After making a group of players which is also known as party we can share this link with our friends so that they can also join with us and experience the wonderful gaming visuals.
  • We can easily add up to 8 players in party and these players will gain all the rights and they will be able to play the game along with us.

#5 Vortex

Like all our cloud gaming services even this application does the same thing, we just have to choose the game that we want to play and press play button and get our own gaming box. Hence there is no need to wait for installations and downloads.

Features of Vortex

  • This cloud game service has more than hundred titles in its game library. The high demanding cloud game PUBG which is almost liked by every player is the famous title of Vortex.
  • This is the most economical and effective cloud gaming service available at present in the market because the monthly subscription involves only $9.99.
  • There is one more wonderful feature in this application, if we do not enjoy playing it any more than we can cancel our subscription without any charges or issues.
  • It is very easy for beginners as it has all fundamental features evolved in it.
  • The only disadvantage is that it does not have any free trails as mentioned in any other cloud gaming services.

#6 Blacknut

Blacknut is one of the best services for playing games on multiple devices. It is a unique cloud gaming service that offers a library of more than 300 games. The founder of this platform Olivier Avaro once tweeted that “video games allow people to tell stories and connect with one another, we are happy that the Blacknut does the same”.

Features of Blacknut

  • It also has a parental control option and four person family plan. We can restrict the library to only few games for children, for that we can keep a password for the account.
  • There are many strengths and back bone features for this platform. Like it is inexpensive and available on multiple platforms. It is actually very easy to use.
  • This also has two week free trial before accepting the subscription plan. The normal one month plan starts from $12.99 and goes up to $19.99 for family plan.
  • Along with advantages it also has few disadvantages like the picture quality is not appreciable and has poor video quality.

#8 Parsec

It is a perfect platform for running games of our choice. Our game data is saved in the cloud storage so we can open our device at any time and access the same data files that we have used previously.

Features of Parsec

  • The main vital and most important feature that made Parsec to be the most recommended cloud gaming platform is that it offers hourly plan.
  • To be brief unlike all other platforms which are available minimum for a monthly subscription, this platform has hourly usage subscription.
  • That means we can just pay for an hourly usage which is quite cheap and is very comfortable.
  • Depending upon the time duration and the place the hourly charges will be around $0.50 and goes up to $0.80.
  • Only disadvantage with this platform is that we should compulsory set up and install games on our own depending upon the need.
  • This small disadvantage does not matter at tall because there are many giant advantages and interesting features which are already in built.


Games themselves make people happy so in order to play the game through the Playkey cloud gaming service first and foremost point to remember is that we should download the Playkey client. The service will automatically detect the client that our device needs.

Features of

  • There are three service plans currently available to users. First two plans have a limit, but the third plan is unlimited. If we want to change the mode of plan we can also do so.
  • Our game progress will be automatically saved to the Playkey cloud and this is stored for one year.
  • In order to have good gaming experience as already mentioned we should have high speed internet connection. Even this platform also needs minimum 10Mbps to work well. With this we get 720p resolution and 30fps for a month which costs nearly $10.
  • If we want bit better service than we should opt for monthly plan which costs nearly $20 and gives us game the at 1080p HD resolution for this the minimum speed of internet required is 20 Mbps.

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Summing Up

To sum it up, these cloud gaming services seems to be an excellent way to make ourselves experience the fell of gaming in a wonderful manner because there is no need for an expensive hardware investments or upgrades, we can play games on any of the Operating Systems or Devices.

As every human being has a negative face, even this application also have few disadvantages and drawback which turned into challenges for cloud gaming, it is must to have a good internet connection because every platforms needs minimum of 15Mbps of speed to have a better experience. If not we may have the latency problem and this may even effect our gaming actions. Because of this problem it has somewhat failed in giving a good gaming experience to the users.

But according to many surveys it was concluded that cloud gaming services reduced the anxiety or pains caused by chronic illness because the focus is concentrated on the game but not on pain. This even develops the spirit of teamwork and encourages the cooperation between the players by building confidence in them.

So if we change these challenges into plus points then cloud gaming will become our future and will give us an amazing gaming experience.