It is usual for every growing company to be subjected to a couple of changes. From the increased number of contractors to larger departments, dynamism is inevitable. However, it is vital to note that at this point, collaboration, cooperation, and transparency is essential if you want to achieve success. And this is where Microsoft Teams phone system comes in.

Why You Need Microsoft Teams Phone System in Your Organization

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace that promotes modern means of working. It is particularly essential to remote teams, although it offers lots of benefits to in-house employees as well. The about to be mentioned are the reasons why you should replace your whole phone system with Microsoft Teams phone system.

Why You Need Microsoft Teams Phone System in Your Organization

There are many benefits of using this system. We are now explaining them one by one so that you can understand it.

1. Increased Productivity and Enhanced Communication

Excellent communication is the foundation of every company’s prosperity. Therefore, for your organization to achieve the set goals, managers and employees must continue to interact with the clients without any difficulty. With that, there will be no misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, or even a lack of trust.

Microsoft Teams Phone system can help you achieve this smoothly. For instance, it allows you to forward calls to your colleagues or voice mail. Additionally, it enables you to share the incoming calls with your colleagues, which may occur when you are away. Aside from that, it allows you to search previous Skype business conversation.

With this, your company will never have to miss an urgent call from potential clients or business partners. Also, it will increase your customers’ satisfaction, and that is very contagious. In respect to that, your organization will never have to worry about not achieving the set targets.

2. Increased Employees Enthusiasm

When using traditional email on a work project, it is possible to lose crucial information in threads. As a result, other members may miss on key points simply because you forgot to click “reply to all.” Well, that can lead to them feeling left out and in the dark, making it difficult to get up to speed.

Microsoft Teams Phone system video call

Fortunately, with the Microsoft Teams Phone system, you can make a video call to your employees with Skype business. That will make communication across the boardroom easier since every targeted person can pop in the video.

3. Access to Communication Tools

Microsoft Teams Phone system enables you to search and go through threads of previous business chats. Through the chat function, you can have a threaded conversation. You can also combine and store conference calls, brainstorming sessions, and other meetings into one to-find place.

Access to Communication Tools

That helps your team members to collaborate well since the communication is streamlined. Therefore, you will never have to go through pages of notes or a thousand emails searching for a particular conversation.

The chat function feature also allows you to choose between private and team discussions. Moreover, you can also integrate video and audio chats.

4. Team Building

When your organization has the right means of communication, the flow of information becomes smooth and free. As a result, your team members can communicate effectively and with high esteem since they will be confident about what they are saying.

Team Building

Whether it is client inquiries, your team members can give the right information since they are empowered. That will not only lead to team building but the growth of the company as well.


Final Words

If you want your company to get the above benefits, then investing in a Microsoft Teams Phone system will be an excellent idea. If you are interested, the EPC Group can help you. With that in mind, your organization will undoubtedly achieve every set goal.