In this topic we will talk about Steam Disk Write Error, so keep reading the guide. Steam is a sort of software that allows the users to install and update also a variety of video games. It is a very popular software and widely used also. It offers the users functions like video streaming, digital rights, voice chatting, automatic game updates, cloud service, social networking services, and most popular multiplayer gaming.

It attracts lots of people towards gaming which has resulted in the rise of the market of games due to the growing demand and sale of video games. Since everything has disadvantages so steam also has a few disadvantages. Steam Disk Write Error is one of them.

Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10

The error “Steam Disk Write Error” can appear anytime when Steam is unable to download and save the game date in the storage drive of the computer during an update/installation. It means this error can come if you’re trying to download or update any game like Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Grand Theft Auto or any game which you got on the Steam platform.


What are the causes of Steam Disk Write Error

The Steam Disk Write Error comes whenever a Steam application attempts to install or update a game and it is unable to save the data in your Steam folder.

It can happen due to physical defects in your hard drive. Some more reasons are when the antivirus or firewall blocks Steam from downloading and then saving data.

How to Fix the issue Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10

There are many ways to fix this error. We have mentioned below the ten best ways that can help you solve the error steam disk write error.

Most of these methods are easy and can try them at your home without anyone’s need. Having a backup of your data is recommended.

Solution 1: Check the AntiVirus Software

We know that any corrupt antivirus is not good for PC. It can harm the disk, driver or any other operating system which leads to issues like steam disk write error. So check once that your antivirus is preventing the steam from running or not.

There are some games that are developed with copy protection technology. So some antivirus software can consider it as a malware and generate errors like steam disk write error.

Disabling the antivirus software for some time to check if it was causing an issue is a good option. Adding exceptions sometimes in Antivirus software is also needed in some cases. You can contact a computer professional to solve the error by this method.

Solution 2: Modifying the Steam Settings to Fix the Error

The basic step and the first method is that you can try changing the steam settings. Let me tell you this is the most useful method which usually solves the problem. It is going to save a lot of time and effort yours.

The changes can be made in the downloading area of your games. Since we know the Steam content software has lots of different regions in it. In these, any one of them is selected as the default region by steam client automatically.

It is done by detecting the region around the network that you are using. Due to the presence of the multiple numbers of games one region can get overloaded. Any technical difficulty can also be the reason for it. So you can change the download region by applying the following steps:

Step 1 – Open the Steam Client

Step 2 – Then click on the settings which are located on the upper left of the box. It is going to open the menu.

Step 3 – After that click on the Downloads and find the download region

Step 4 – Select any one Download region other than which was selected earlier. Most probably it will solve the Steam Disk Write Error error

Solution 3: Changing the Folder Security

This error can be due to the advanced security of the folder in which the game is located. Follow the below steps to change the folder security:

Step 1 – Go to the drive and then open the specific folder where the steam client is there on the PC.

Step 2 – After that change the Security Settings of the folder in which steam client is located. Allow the whole read or write access permissions. It is going to give the allowance to have complete control over its contents. Check that the error is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Resetting the Steam Configuration in your PC

This method is going to reset the configuration of the steam. So when you will re-enter the steam after resetting the configuration all the settings would have been changed. New settings will be set as default. Follow the below steps to reset the configuration:

Step 1 – Apply the shortcut “Windows + R” and then run window will open

Step 2 – Type steam://flushconfig in its search box

Step 3 – A window will appear which will say you to proceed to reset the steam configuration. Tap on OK or Yes to confirm the process

Step 4 – Steam is going to restart now. Check that the Steam Disk Write Error problem is resolved or not

Solution 5: Checking out all the missing and the corrupted files

In some cases corrupted or missing files can cause steam to stop working. By following this method you can find the files which are corrupted and you can download it again.

Step 1 – Open the steam directory and open custom location if you have opted for it before the installation of games

Step 2 – Go to the folder logs now and then open the workshop_log.txt file

Step 3 – Move to the bottom of this file ad then find out the errors as File command failed, Update canceled, etc.

Step 4 – Open the root folder which is having different file sizes as it varies according to different games downloaded

Step 5 – Restart steam now and go to the downloads folder. Update the steam for the game.

Solution 6: Changing the settings of Directory Permissions

You need to change the settings of the directory permissions in this method. By doing this you’ll ensure that your steam install directory is not in the read-only mode.

Steam install directory can come in the category of Reading only when it is affected by some corrupt installation or any update.

Step 1 – Open the Task Manager and exit the steam client. It is necessary to make any changes to Directory Permissions if required

Step 2 – Open the drive in which steam is been installed. Then open the Program files

Step 3 – Go to the Properties section of this directory and find Read-only and untick it

Step 4 – Right-click on the Steam launcher and click on Run as Administrator

Solution 7: Checking the Hard Drive

There can be bad effects in your hard drive due to corrupted files present in the system. Outdated or Overloaded drivers are very easily affected by these files. You can take help from a professional expert to check for the issues with your hard drive. Follow the below steps for checking problems:

Step 1 – Open This PC in your computer and then right-click on the drive

Step 2 – Select Properties in it

Step 3 – Go to the tools in it. Click on a check under the error checking. This is going to check the errors in your drive

Step 4 – If any errors are found, you need to remove them and resetting the hard drive

Solution 8: Check the Firewall Settings

Windows Firewall can also be a reason for steam disk write error. Disable it for some time and check that if steam works fine. Firewall can stop the steam to read or write anything in the hard disk.

Restart the steam client after disabling the firewall and check that the error is gone. If it has gone you can update the Steam Client and it will work. Take help of professional to check firewall as it might need to add exceptions in it for steam

Solution 9: Excluding the steam from DEP

Blocking the steam from Data Execution can also be one method to solve steam disk write error. It is beneficial if you have some selected blocked files.

Step 1 – Open the control panel of your computer. Then click on the System and Security

Step 2 – Click on the option Advanced system settings which are displayed on the left side of the screen. Then tap on the Advanced Performance Settings

Step 3 – Open Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and add locations of steam in your PC

Step 4 – Restart the computer system and there will be changes in your steam

Solution 10: Verify of the Game Cache Files

Any faulty game cache file can also cause this error. You can check if there are faults in any file of the game’s cache. There should be only recently installed steam components on your PC. Game cache files can be verified by following the below steps:

Step 1 – Go to the game library and right-click on the game which was sending the error. Open properties in it

Step 2 – Select local files and then you can verify game cache. It can be done by clicking on Verify Integrity of Game Cache

Step 3 – Wait for a few minutes while steam is verifying the game files. If your steam components become outdated, You can update it to remove Steam Disk Write Error.

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So we hope that the Steam Disk Write Error is resolved by now. As the above-mentioned methods are very efficient and quick to solve the error.