Terrarium had been a great application when it comes to streaming content on your smart TV. Unfortunately the application has stopped working. It’s being a while now since it happened.


10 Best Alternatives To Terrarium TV In 2022

In order to serve the craving fir streaming stuff online, people have tried finding other alternative. Some of the popular alternatives are listed below.


1. CinemaApk

As the name suggest, CinemaApk is one of the most popular on demand application that provides HD movies. The application was found recently and has gained enough users in a period of a few months. The application came when Terrarium TV was still in use, yet CinemaApk had been a great competitor of the application.

The application runs very smoothly and effectively even during slow network connectivity. It searches for working streams and provides excellent content to its users. Since Terrarium TVis shut down for a very long time now, yet if you’re looking for better alternative, then CinemaApk is a one stop destination for you.

The website provides enormous collection of movies and TV shows. Users can choose from multiple servers according to their preferences. Although the application works efficiently, but if a Real Debrid account is integrated, then streaming experience gets highly enhanced. The layout and interface is very sleek and simple.

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2. Titanium TV

This stands on second on the list of best alternative for Terrarium TV. Often considered as a clone of Terrarium TV. Most of its features resembles like Terrarium TV. It is an entertainment hub for most of the daily users who watch unlimited movies here. The database of this application is flooded with some of the top notch and top rated movies and shows across the world.

If the application is linked to a Real Debrid account the experience gets enhanced to a large extend. Better streaming options are provided to the users. The application is easy to install on Fire TV in just a few clicks. The interaction process with Fire stick and its remote friendly features attracts more people to this application.

3. CyberFlix

Cyberflix is the most used application available online for streaming best quality entertainment programs free of charges. The application resembles quite similar to Terrarium TV. It has a huge library of content to choose from. Talking about the application interface, the well organised structure with movies arranged in order attracts most of the users here.

The application gets updated quite frequently and new movies or web series are released quite often. While comparing CyberFlix with the discontinued Terrarium TV it was found that CyberFlix is a better replacement. The list of content gets modified or sort by based on users preferences which makes it much easier for the users to pick up their favorite stuff.

4. Catmouse APK

Catmouse has been playing impressively in the market right now. Its enhanced version is now available on Fire TV for streaming some of the exotic collection of content and entertainment stuff free of cost. Most of its content are newly released movies or latest episode of the web series.

The application continues to become even better than tomorrow and frequently gets updated with new features and modifications. The content here also gets updated very frequently. The application also ensures that users watch HD quality content and do not compromise with the audio or video quality. Its graphics, visuals and resolution leaves a good mark on the users.

Just like any other alternative, Catmouse also provides integration with Real Debrid. This enables users to unlock some if the best advantages of using the website. Another important feature that let’s users to sync the device activities on other platforms is by signing in to Trakt. Users can change the video player based on their preferences rather than using the default built in player.

5. UnlockMyTV

This application was recently launched and has made its name in a very short interval of time. Today it is among the list of some of the mainstream media application that enables on demand video streaming free of cost. With a huge collection of movies and web shows, the application never runs out of content for its users to choose from.

For those who prefers watching unlimited content for longer duration should definitely try this application. When it comes to the streaming quality, the application is far better than most of the other applications in use today. Almost all its content are of 1080p resolution. Just like other alternative, the application also offers Real Debrid integration.

When it gets integrated, users can access some of the best streaming link on the web. UnlockMyTV will never be a disappointment if you haven’t tried it before. Just like CatMouse, Trakt sign in is also available here. Its genre filter feature and back up option makes this application an ideal alternative for Terrarium TV.

6. Kodi

Kodi is very common among the users today. It is the most popular media player which ensures high quality streaming. The application is giving very tough competition to other streaming application right now. There is a possibility that with increasing popularity Kodi will come out as a leader among the other streaming alternatives.

Unlike other alternative, there is negligible chances that Kodi will ever get discontinued in the future. It does not have a single developer managing the application. But the application is open source, which means that anyone with the right knowledge of it can create it’s own add on in it.

There has been hundreds of add in build here already that let’s users watch movies, web shows, sports related content, live TV etc. Even if any one user tries to discontinue its add on, other add on will continue to provide its services. As a result, new add on keep coming into the market.

All it requires it to have the application installed in your Fire TV, search for an add in and start streaming. In order to find add-ons, users can download Kodi Build that several pre loaded add ons. Kodi is a safe and legal application that will never be a disappointment to its users.

7. Tea TV

Although TeaTV and Terrarium was released at the same time, yet Terrarium rose to popularity much faster than Tea TV on Fire TV. Although Tea TV is widely in use on Android TV. The application just like other alternatives has an awesome collection of movies and streaming kinks to choose from.

It lets users to filter the list based in their preferences which makes it easier for them to find their favorite stuff. Overall it has become a popular application today. It has similar basic features that Terrarium has with a few other of its own. If you haven’t tried the application you could explore it.

8. Morph TV

Morph is a recently launched new streaming application available on Android TV. Its media quality has impressed a large number if audience which has contributed a lot in its growing popularity. After the discontinuation of Terrarium, Morph has been a great keeper for the application.

Its on demand videos and high resolution movies never failed to impress the audience. The application is remote friendly that has made it possible to use it in Fire TV. Its user friendly interface has helped users to find their favourite stuff quite easily here.

9. OneBox HD

This application is widely in use by the Android users than remote friendly Fire TV users. Although the application us remote friendly as well. Its library is the only reason why the application is highly in use today. The application is fast and offers faster streaming links in a jiffy.

Even though HD links are hard to find on other alternatives, but OneBox never fails to provide this service to its users. The application has a smooth navigation and friendly interface for users to find and select their favorite stuff easily with putting much efforts. Its library and fast plays makes it a worth application for streaming entertainment stuff.

10. TVZion

Last but not the least TVZion is yet another competitor for Terrarium alternative. All its content are of top quality which makes it an amazing choice for binge watching. It has unlimited storehouse of content all of which available in HD quality.

Apart from it, its easy navigation and user friendly interface attracts the users out there. It’s pages are also well structured and designed which has made this application elegant and sleek. If you haven’t tried it, you should probably explore the application and find some of the awesome content here.

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These were some of the top notch application in use today by most if the smart devices. All of the applications listed above are legal and safe to use. Moreover you may try them based in their features and appearances.