is a private IP address that comes in touch with many private addresses. People widely use it as the default address of Linksys routers. It is commonly utilised as a gateway for most wireless routers or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) modems. Generally, each gadget in the network is distinguished through these addresses on the web.

Internet Protocol block, is reserved and completely private. The first and the last addresses are not used in the IP range. For the main part, this address is not exclusive to Linksys. Furthermore, you can also use it in modems made by companies like TP-Link, Cisco, D-Link, Netgear and many more. Admin Login, Username and Password

This login address is not only used for initial router configuration along with troubleshooting network connectivity issues. Issues including the loss of connectivity, end-user just forgetting the security password for the home network, etc.


How to Find the Router’s IP Address?

One should be familiar with their own router’s IP address. You can find the Router’s IP address from the command prompt on your computer.

To get the list of all your computer connections type ‘ipconfig‘ in the command prompt. You can know about your private IP address as an IPv4 address.

Find Your Router IP Address -

How to Log in IP Address?

Step 1: First of all, now open your default browser or any other browser and type or in the URL.

Linksys Router Login Go to

Step 2: Now, Enter your username and password to access your router admin panel through which you can change several settings like Security Options, WLAN settings, Proxy and many more.

How to Change the IP Address of a Router?

You can change the router’s 192.168.l.0 Internet Protocol Address at any time. Mentioned below are the two ways:

  • by launching a special setup CD
  • by using web-interface

It is essential for most of us because many users want to make sure that there is no address conflict with any other device’s address. If anyone forgets their IP address, then they can reset the router and then everything will return to defaults.

What to Do If You Forget Router’s Username, Password and IP Address?

Follow the give solution in case someone forgets their username and password.

If anyone does not know the username and password. He should search for it on the router’s label along with your router’s serial number and login address.

Secondly, if you have forgotten your password, then you have to reset the 192.168.I.1 router’s settings using the hidden reset button on the router.

Lastly, if you have never changed your router’s username and password for which you can search your router’s default username and password on the internet.

How to Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Troubleshooting network connectivity issues are the most common use of Internet Protocol Address There may be cases regarding the wireless network. We advise you to refer to the installation guide and user manuals. You will find this on the routers for troubleshooting wireless network problems on new routers. For the routers that have been in use in the past, firstly, one has to confirm the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not creating the problem.

Along with ISP, disable the wireless function and connect your router directly to your computer using Ethernet cable. Moving forward, you need to restart the computer and check the 192.168.l.0 internet connection. In this case, if there is still no internet connection, then try rebooting the router.

Unlikely if there is still no internet, contact your Internet Service Provider. In case one is getting an internet connection after connecting directly to their computer, then the wireless network must not be emitting signals. Lastly, using your WiFi button enable the wireless router signal.

IP Troubleshoot

For troubleshooting the router issues, simplistic tasks can be performed. Many people ignore these common mistakes. In some cases of 192.168.I.1 will not let you log in to your router. One should ensure the cable connectivity should work properly as well as the wireless router signal must be available.

Apart from this, make sure that the power supply is on and is working properly. Additionally, make sure that all the LEDs are glowing and their signals are active. You can use these precautions and methods to solve the problem of the inaccessibility of your router’s configuration page.


Final Words

Lastly, I have provided so much information regarding the Internet Protocol address There is so much knowledge about 192.168.1 routers, IP addresses, wireless modems and many more which have been provided by me in this article. This IP address will assist you in configuring your broadband network at home without much effort.

As you can observe that logging into IP address is not so difficult whereas understanding it is a little difficult. Hopefully, this article is useful for you to access your router’s network and increased your knowledge about 192.168.1 IP address. In future you’ve got any issue with respect to your router’s connection, I will continuously be available to assist you.