The CEO, blogger, and online sensation may have increased the profile of his girlfriend, Dave Portnoy. But in terms of her own achievements, she is by no means a minor player. She is well-known for her work in the fashion industry, but she also has an amazing CV in the business sector.

Dave’s girlfriend is a woman named Silvana Mojica. They’ve been dating for quite some time now, with their first public outing occurring in March of 2022. The young Colombian model is Portnoy’s most recent girlfriend. They seem to be getting along well despite the significant age gap between them.

David Portnoy Girlfriend


Who is David Portnoy Girlfriend

On April 8, 1995, Silvana Mojica entered the world in Columbia, South America. Her family background is unknown to the public, but she is known to have a sister named Valeria. The model’s family emigrated to the United States while she was young, making her a naturalized citizen of the United States.

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LISTEN UP: Like what you’ve read so far? Subscribe to the Telegram group for updates! Silvana attended West Orange High School and then continued her education at Valencia College in Florida. She graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Dave Portnoy Girlfriend Career

The ex-Miss Universe has held a variety of corporate and modeling occupations in addition to her appearances at beauty pageants. In 2017, while still a student at Valencia College in Florida, she was hired as a brand ambassador for Strike Magazine, marking the beginning of her professional career. After finishing college, she joined the Atlanta office of the fashion label Uncommon Fashion as a Junior Account Manager.

Silvana uprooted her life and moved to Orlando, Florida so that she could get back to work as Squeem’s account executive. She has spent over two years in her role as social media marketing assistant at Giti Inc., a Miami-based fashion and clothing label. She has also done work for Fashion Nova, a major American fashion label. Silvana, Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend, has been involved in marketing, team building, retail sales accounting, managing, social media management, and modeling for over five years.

When Did Dave and Silvana Spark Romance Rumors?

In March of last year, rumors began circulating that Portnoy and Mojica were an item. In early March, photos published by Page Six from the two’s time in Miami sparked rumors that they were an item.

Dave and Silvana went out for the evening at the popular Brickell restaurant Komodo. After some time, she also posted social media images of the couple together. Fans began to speculate that the two were romantically involved after they began to be paired together.

Does Silvana Mojica Have a Profile on Instagram?

The overwhelming response to that question is yes. Silvana, like the vast majority of her fellow models in the entertainment sector, has an Instagram account. There are now 142 posts on her Instagram page.

Mojica has amassed a massive following of over 219k people on the photo-sharing app Instagram. “May your real life resemble your Instagram life,” it reads on her page, “. ” Her Instagram bio states that she is a Fashion Nova brand representative.

The model’s Instagram feed featured some breathtaking images from professional photoshoots, as well as some cute pictures of her and her boyfriend, Dave, and images from their travels around the world.

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Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, has started dating Silvana Mojica. In recent days, the internet sensation has been seen out and about with his Colombian girlfriend. If you want to find out more about Silvana and her growing romance with Dave Portnoy, you’ll want to keep reading. Silvana Mojica, Dave’s girlfriend, is a professional fashion model.

Her LinkedIn profile suggests she is currently in her 20s. A Miami-based retail and fashion company employs her as a social media marketing assistant. Mojica’s resume includes stints in Atlanta and Orlando before he settled in Miami. After completing her time at Valencia College, she continued her education at Florida State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.