You probably know the unusual word chupapi muayo if you’re the type of person who easily has audios and phrases from the TikTok app stuck in your mind. The term has become a type of absurd battle cry, comparable to “sheesh!”, whether it is yelled at an innocent bystander on the street or sung by a bunch of footie boys in locker rooms.

However, what does chupapi muayo mean in English? Why is this catchphrase suddenly trending on TikTok, and where did it come from? Everything you need to know about the chupapi muayo TikTok audio, the slightly annoying slogan that has swept the app right now.

Chupapi Munyanyo Meaning


What Does Chupapi Muñañyo Actually Mean?

First of all, you probably came here looking for a literal translation; after all, you must be wondering what the heck this mysterious Spanish phrase could possibly mean if it is being chanted nonstop in every corner of the globe.

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Nothing. It’s complete and utter bullshit. An entry in Urban Dictionary claims that muayo means “suck my dick, papa” in Spanish, however a quick look at a Spanish dictionary reveals that this is most likely a fabrication meant to throw off the uninitiated.

Despite the fact that the word seems to have been used since 2020, it was likely popularized for the masses by user @jaykindafunny8, who used it in a series of films in which he approached strangers and screamed the statement at them without warning.

Nearly 14 million people have liked his video of him repeating the catchphrase. There, he threatens to assault an innocent individual by shouting at him through a tube.

Who Created the Chupapi Muñañyo Phrase?

TikTok users first used the phrase in July of 2020. The TikToker @jaykindafunny8 uploaded a video of himself on the platform in which he can be seen placing an ice cream cone squarely on his forehead after placing an order at a drive-thru and laughing about it.

The word “muayo” can be heard in one of the videos. A few months later, he uploaded a hoax TikTok in which he scares strangers on the street by sneaking up behind them and shouting “muayo,” then finishing the phrase when they turn around in confusion.

His entire TikTok page is filled with the same hoax. Jay currently has over 16 million app followers, and every time he posts a #muayo video, it receives millions of views. As of May 2021, the #muayo hashtag had over 3.7 billion views, albeit the vast majority of those views were of Jay’s videos.

Where Did it Come From?

Despite its development on TikTok, the original meaning of “chupapi munyayo” was as a joke. It seems to have appeared in a number of films made in 2021, particularly those posted by user @jaykindafunny8, with the majority of the movies depicting pranksters trying to trick their targets into thinking the meaningless word is written in a foreign language.

The hoax is simple, and the same people appear in many of the videos that use it. Because of @jaykindafunny8’s repeated use of the phrase in his posts, the now-famous phrases have garnered a cult following on TikTok and he now has over 23.6 million followers as a result.

Is There an Acceptable Way to Use the Phrase?

There is no meaning to this term, yet one of its connotations is highly sexual in nature. This raises the question of how one might put Chupapi Munyayo to use. Use it to talk about the @jaykindafunny8-started TikTok craze that has spread across the internet.

It sounds like something you may say to shock someone if used in this setting. You can utilize it to get people’s attention for a stunt that’s out of this world, or to make them feel uneasy.

Chupapi Munyayo is Restricted to TikTok Only

Once a new catchphrase or expression is spotted on one social networking site, it quickly becomes commonplace on others. However, Chupapi Munyayo was not a victim of this. Only on TikTok can you use this expression. It is completely invisible in the wild. Some have commented that it has a little Filipino flavor to it.

None of their assertions, however, hold up under scrutiny. The exact meaning of Chupapi Munyayo in English is still being worked out. Only until you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the significance, history, and other aspects of anything should you use it. You can avoid hurting other people’s feelings in the process.

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According to a January 2021 entry in Urban Dictionary, the phrase means “suck my dick papa, oh! come on!” The page deconstructs the term, explaining that “chupa” comes from the Spanish word for “to suck a dick,” “papi” refers to a “father” or “papa,” and “munyayo” means “come on,” according to the author.

But there’s a lot of discussion about whether or not that’s the definitive definition. According to KnowYourMeme, “there don’t appear to be any direct translations from Spanish or any other language, suggesting it’s gibberish” when looking up “Munyayo” or “Muayo.”

@jaykindafunny8, the user widely credited as the word’s inventor, even made a video in which he explains how to spell it: you mix the two most common TikTok spellings to get muayo. There is no real significance to either Chupapi Munyayo or Chupapi Muayo. It’s totally fabricated.