Discord is a Voice Over IP applications, used by the Gamers. Basically this app is used for communication purpose. Other than chatting, voice chat and other stuffs are also available in Discord. But it might happens that the users face a Discord Update Failed issue while opening the Discord app. It is normal to encounter the Downloading Update screen when you open the app. But in this case, the Download Update Screen won’t disappear.

The screen will remains the same even if you leave this app open for several hours. Closing the app and restarting it will also not fix the Discord update failed issue. We have tried to fix it by rebooting the whole system but this did not resolved the issue as well. Discord not updating issue won’t have any effect on the web version though. Almost all the users facing this issue were able to use the web version without any problem.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed or Discord Not Updating

The main reason behind Discord not updating issue is the Discord installer/Update. We have assumed that the cause of the Discord not updating issue, is a bug in the update (or the installer). That is why the problem is not seen on the web version. Normally, we can fix Discord update failed issue by reinstalling via a fresh installer.

However, if this doesn’t fix the Discord update failed issue then it is possible that the problem might be in one of the app files or Windows file. So, its better to clear up all the files related to Discord app. This can hopefully, fix the Discord Update Failed issue. All the methods are discussed below to fix the Discord Update Failed issue.


Fix: Discord Update Failed

Solution 1: Reinstall Discord

Many users had tried to fix this issue by Reinstalling Discord and it really worked for them. It is a simple process with less time taking. Here are the steps for Reinstalling Discord app:

Step 1 : Click here and then download the Discord Installer.

Step 2 : Double Click on the app to run the Discord installer and follow on-screen instructions.

This downloading and running the installer will simply work, you don’t need to uninstall the previous version. This should fix the issue, if not, proceed further.

Solution 2: Run as Administrator

Running this app as administrator privileges will allow the update to install properly. This method has used as well as worked for many users. Here are the steps ;

Step 1 : Close the Discord app and then reboot your system.

Step 2 : If the Discord app start automatically the close it. Check whether the Discord is not in the System tray. If it is, If it’s there, then right -click the Discord icon and select Quit Discord. For assurance, hold CTRL, SHIFT and Esc key simultaneously (CTRL+SHIFT+Esc) to open the Task Manager. Now confirm that the Discord Process is not in the process list.  If it is present there select the Discord and then press on End Task.

Step 3 : Now, on the Desktop find Discord. Select Run as Administrator by right- clicking on the icon. If you don’t have one on Desktop then press the Windows Key. You will find a Discord entry there. Right click on it and then select More. And then chose the Run as Administrator option.

Once you are done, check the app is starting then the update will install without any issues.

Solution 3: Clean Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling Discord will fix the Discord update failed error for you if the first method fails to do so. In this method you have to delete some of the Discord files manually. Below are the steps for cleaning Reinstall Discord:

Step 1: First of all, make sure that the Discord is not in the System tray. If it’s there, then right -click the Discord icon and select Quit Discord. For checking whether it’s done correctly press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key, it will open the Task Manager. Go to the process list and check if the Discord Process is not present there . If you find it there, select Discord and then click on End Task.

Step 2: Hold Windows key and press R.

Step 3: Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.

Step 4: After that, open the list of installed applications. Find and select Discord.

Step 5: Click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 6: Again Windows Key and press R and type %appdata% and press Enter.

Step 7: Locate and right click on the Discord folder. Now select any of the additional prompts and select Delete.

Step 8: After this, press Backspace once. And then locate and double click on local folder.

Step 9: Locate and Right Click the Discord folder. Delete the Discord file by confirming any additional prompts.

Step 10: Once you are done, and download the Discord installer. Official link is already given in the first Solution.

Step 11: At last, follow the on-screen instructions and double click to run the Discord installer.



The above mentioned methods will definitely help you to fix Discord Update Failed error. Just restart your computer after you are done with all the above methods. You will definitely get rid of it and will not encounter this issue again.