Free Software Download Sites: Software is a collection of data or instructions which tell the computer how to work. Software that can be used freely and distributed freely there are no strings of payment attached to them. For example; Microsoft Windows, Quick Heal, Media Player, all the Games you play on your computer, including Candy Crush Saga.

Without software, a computer is just like a bunch of metal, and now you understand how important software is for a computer. Along with software, downloading comes a whole set of malware and virus. Thus one must be aware of the site from where to download the software. Software Download Sites help the user to download the free software easily; not a single penny is required for such downloads. Just search for the required software and click on download.


18 Best Free Software Download Sites On The Web

Where do you download all the software from it a big question, right? Your search ends here, we have brought for your convince top 18 best free software download sites. Let’s start discovering them.

1. FileHippo

FileHippo offers freeware and shareware for download. A program that scans the computer for installed software from the website and also suggests updates for it. This feature makes one among the best Free Software download sites.

You can also see the number of downloads the website has served, it huge, and this promotes the site itself. Just check out to see a whole variety of software to download.

2. Download

Download is the best among all the software download websites. It was created by CNET, and it was launched on February 24, 1996. This website is now The attracted at least 113 million visitors annually by 2008. Now you know how good this website is. It has a huge collection of computer software for all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

They also cover web-based applications and services. The Software section includes over 100,000 freeware, shareware, and try-first downloads. Also, ratings of the software are given, which helps the user to select the best software for them. You should pay a visit to to see why these users were attracted to this website.

3. Softonic

To download free software, Softonic is a great option too. The site provides free software, app news, and also reviews, which help the user to a great extent. Every software comes with two mirror links which make the download of free software a lot easier

The software available in the Softonic site is all safe and clean; the user can thus download tension free. Just check out the Softonic and download your software.


ZDNet the web’s most extensive library of software download. They list both freeware and shareware download. The website has gone through updates for betterment too. All the software has been categorized for quickly finding them among the whole lot of them.

The filters available near the search button gives users to filter the large options and choose the best software easily. Go to the to see the biggest collection of software.

5. FileHorse

Are you a user of windows operating system? FileHorse is for you then. There a lot of useful software available for your Microsoft Windows operating system. The neat user interface helps the user to select the software easily.

All the programs in FileHorse site are marked in colorful icons. This makes it easier to download and also gives a good aesthetical feel to the website. The latest software and applications are available in the Latest software releases section. This helps the user to easily download the required software. Just check out the, and you will experience systematic browsing.

6. SoftPedia

SoftPedia is a Romanian site and popularly called “Free download encyclopedic“. This handy to use website has over 1,00,000 free to use software and applications for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Smartphones.

SoftPedia also has a blog section that gives feedback about the software. As a result, the user could read and decide which is the best software they should download. SoftPedia website has a large library with daily updated software giving users the best version of software to download. Just go to the and get the software you want quickly.

7. Tucows

Tucows site’s launch was in 1993 and still called one of the best software download sites. This shows how good the website is. Tucows has a mobile-friendly version too. hosts more than 40,000 virus and spyware free software and thousands of mobile applications.

Moreover, a lot more advantages visit the website, and you’ll get fascinated by the options of the software. Just check out their website to get more information.

8. FreewareFiles

FreewareFiles offers download of full and free versions of the software along with reviews. Freeware Files provides 16000 free software to download. The site gives a clear idea about the software to the user with the help of reviews, ratings, and also screenshots. Go to the, and you can get to see a wide variety of software.

9. MajorGeeks

The most trusted MajorGeeks for downloading software. Users very much prefer this website that looks old fashioned. It is because it gives each information about the software ranging from the author, published date, size, license, etc.

All this information builds trust among the users about the software and is thus useful. Just visit their MajorGeeks and see for yourself.

10. Bytesin

Bytesin has a massive collection of free software. But the best part is that it helps the user by providing the list of the top software that they can get. Bytesin also helps to download different WordPress themes from the theme section.

It is additional to the numerous software that they provide for download. Along with freeware, shareware software can also be downloaded from this website. Just check out the for more information.

11. Soft32

There are more than 80000 software and applications present on the Soft32 website. This website is well organized, which helps the user to find the required software among a whole lot of software. The software can also be found based on the user’s computer operating system.

The website contains discussions done by other users. This gives the new user a great idea about the software that they want to purchase.

12. FreeWareHome

FreeWareHome is dedicated only for freeware downloads, and no shareware downloads are possible through the site. The program is listed in categories only so that the user can easily navigate through and find the required software.

13. Ninite

Ninite let users download and install all the commonly used applications in one single click. It provides a list of popularly used software. Users can choose the software that they want and bundle all of them into a single installer package. It provides hazel free downloading, and all of the downloading occurs in the background.

The Ninite is entirely free from virus and malware and thus provides a safe place for downloading software. Just check out the website, and you will undoubtedly have a secure download of the software.

14. DownloadCrew

DownloadCrew provides a cleaner interface when compared to the other free software download sites. It helps the user to easily browse through the options of the software and select one software among them. On the left side of the page, different categories classify the software. The software can be easily downloaded from there.

The most popular download section of the DownloadCrew website provides the facility to search for one software among thousands of them. This website showcases applications for platforms such as Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The review section of Download Crew provides the user with short reviews. They help the user to decide how useful the program is quick, and decision making becomes simple. Just check out the website, and you will have a natural selection of your software.

15. FilePuma

FilePuma allows easy navigation through the whole variety of options for the software. The website provides a free update detector. It helps the user to ensure that he/she is using the latest version of the software and are not missing anything. Just check out the, and undoubtedly you will get the best software in its latest version.

16. SourceForge

SourceForge is one of the best sites to download, develop, and also publish free open source software on the internet. Searching for software is also made easy, just type the keywords, and the user gets the collection of software and application listed.

All the information, including the version, compatibility is also available. The quality of each software is tested before it is uploaded on the website, ensuring virus free downloads for the user. The community will solve all the queries of the user about the software. You will see all the details about the software you want in

17. SoftwareInformer

SoftwareInformer works more like a guide for all the software related queries that the user has. It also helps to download a few software. It also has an automatic update function that informs the user to update their software.

However, some of the software also contains bugs, so the user needs to be aware before downloading or updating their software. The user just needs to be cautious while doing anything on this site.


Alternative is an excellent guide for software; it clears all the confusion of the user and helps him/her to decide what software they want. This site’s vast database recommends the user about the alternatives they can use for a particular application. does not allow the user to download the software directly but redirects the user to a site where they can download the same.

Summing Up

Without software, computers are of no use. Thus all users need to have a good collection of software so that they can use the computer to their best advantage.

There are many sites to download the software, but we need to be cautious because the software can bring viruses along with, and that’s a terror for the user. These 18 free software download sites are listed for your sole advantage.