GarageBand for Windows is a question of many doubts. As you might already know, Apple’s ecosystem is entirely built around Giving Wings to creative people in society. The amount of creativity and ingenuity present in their built-in tools is almost second to none. One search tool or software which is filled with so many fun features that could get your creative juices flowing is Garageband For Windows PC.

How to Use GarageBand For Windows PC 10/8/7

GarageBand For PC is a tool by which you can create your fun music and make it sound incredibly professional at the same time. Also, as you might have imagined, it is exclusively available on Apple’s Mac Operating System. But what if you are a Windows user who also loves Apple’s creativity in GarageBand? Are you completely left out of the fun and Adventures of the app? Thankfully, no.


GarageBand for Windows Pc (7,8 & 10) Free Download

There is a way or should I say ways by which we can Download and Install GarageBand For Windows Free! So let’s get straight to it then.

Method 1 – Download Garageband For Windows Using an Emulator

The numerator is nothing but a virtual software that can mimic the functionality of one platform on top of another so that you can run apps designed for one on some other Operating System for which does not support natively compatible.

Search Party office that you can get yourself in the emulator which mimics the Mac operating system on top of your existing Windows operating system so that you can run the wonderful GarageBand For Windows 10/8/7.

If you are running on AMD based environment, unit not that have to check before and weather system is compatible with AMD-V or not.

Step 1 >> For that, you’ll have to download a compatibility checker app from This URL:

GarageBand For PC AMD
Download A Compatibility Checker App

Step 2 >> It is in the form of a compressed folder extracted to a location in your PC.

GarageBand For Windows Download AMD
Extracted Files

Step 3 >> Open the extracted folder and then launch an app that says AMD Hyper-V. It’s better than you right click on it and run it as an administrator.

Step 4 >> If your system is not AMD-V compatible, you might get a message to like this one.

System Is Not AMD Compatible

After I have confirmed your AMD compatibility, you have to download the virtual machine ever later known as VMware. You can use other software as well, but I am very well familiar with VMware, and I feel it is the best one around.

Step 1 >> Download VMware from this URL:

Garageband For Windows VMware Workstation Player 14
Download VMware

Step 2 >> In order to get a virtual machine, you will also have to download the operating system image file for Mac OS Sierra. You can find it at this URL:

GarageBand For Windows Mac OS Sierra
Download The OS Image File For Mac OS Sierra

Step 3 >> Also, you’ll have to enable virtualization from your BIOS settings in order to run the operating system in 64-bit mode.

Step 4 >> Once you have downloaded the Mac OS image, extract it to a location on your computer.

Step 5 >> Navigate to this path: macOS Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final Youtube Folder > unlocker208 and locate a file with says Win-install. Right click on it and run it as administrator. Wait for all the things to complete in the command window that opens afterward.

Garageband For Windows Navigate
Navigate Path

Step 6 >> You can open VMware and then click on the option that sells open Virtual Machine. You will then have to navigate to the same path as Above and then select the OS image over there.

GarageBand For Windows Virtual Machine
Open Virtual Machine

Step 7 >> Now that you have loaded up MacOS, you’ll have to change the system resource allotment to it. To do that, click on the edit Virtual Machine Settings.

Garageband For Windows Edit Virtual Machine Settings
Edit Virtual Machine Settings


Step 8 >> Just select the processor and Ram allotment to get the best experience out of your virtual machine. We recommend allotting half of your CPU cores and half of your Ram to the virtual machine.

1.2 Boot Up Mac OS Sierra

Step 1 >> In order to boot up Mac OS coming after click on the Play Virtual Machine Option.

GarageBand For Windows Boot up Mac OS Sierra
Boot up Mac OS Sierra

Step 2 >> After the Apple logo WhatsApp for about 5 to 10 minutes you will credit with the welcome screen where you will have to select your country and your keyboard preferences.

Garageband For Windows Select Your Keyboard
Select Your Keyboard

Step 3 >> You then have to sign up for an Apple ID on the virtual machine come on because you will need that for just about anything in Mac OS.

GarageBand For Windows Sign In With Your Apple ID
Sign UP For An Apple ID

Step 4 >> After you skip all the unnecessary steps, you will load onto the home screen from where you can search for GarageBand in the Taskbar and then install it GarageBand For Windows 10.

There you go! You have now successfully installed GarageBand on a virtual machine running Mac OS which is running right on top of your Windows PC!

Method 2 – Using in iOS to PC emulator

Step 1 >> First, you have to download the app iPadian Simulator for your PC from their website

Download Garageband For Windows Using iOS to PC emulator
iOS to PC emulator

Step 2 >> Installed at all you have to do is search for GarageBand for Windows Free Download and install the first option you see.

Step 3 >> After that come on GarageBand For PC. Enjoy!

Features of GarageBand for Windows

1 – Options and Instruments

Supports a large variety of musical instruments that you can operate with nearly real-world accuracy. Don’t miss GarageBand Alternatives as it is always good to compare similar apps before using one.

2 – Multi-touch Support

And compatible devices, you can have multi-touch support on the instruments present on Garage band For PC. So you can have pretty much a real-world experience when using the musical instruments on there and not a tasteless digital feel.

2 – Extremely Advanced Equalizer

The Equaliser built on to the GarageBand app is exceptionally advanced. So, this enables professional musicians or even casual creators to have the best experience while using the app to create music.

3 – Easy Sharing

With GarageBand on Windows, you can easily share your work with others in the community or with all your devices using the iCloud drive.

Using this app, you can create your custom ringtones and other notification tones, and be truly unique among your friends.

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So there you have it. These were the two best ways by which you can get GarageBand For Windows PC. Hope you found this article helpful. If you don’t mind downloading a sizeable operating system image file, go with the first method.

Then download the VMware Virtual Machine first. It will take a lot of time to set up. It might be worth it by giving you a smoother experience in the end.

What if you don’t want the full operating system features and only want GarageBand for Windows PC? You can go with the iPad and method and save yourself the trouble of downloading that sizeable working system file. Enjoy!