Hajime no Ippo has a very standard sports anime premise about rising to the top, but the actual events of the show are anything but standard.

The anime adaptation features numerous episodes, movies, and specials with confusingly diverse titles, making it difficult to keep track of events over the course of the franchise. So that you don’t miss a beat, we’ll explain the proper order in which to watch Hajime no Ippo.

Hajime No Ippo in Order


Hajime No Ippo in Order

It’s likely that many of you have watched Hajime no Ippo in its original broadcast order. In fact, everything you need to know about this story is taken care of by that order, so it’s all OK. ┬áSo, if you want to watch this anime in the order in which it was originally shown, you can use this as a guide.

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1. Hajime No Ippo

The protagonist, Ippo Makunouchi, is a young guy who helps his mother run a fishing boat rental business while his father is away. Because of his timid nature, lack of sleep, and the smell of the sea, Ippo is bullied on a daily basis.

After saving Ippo from harm, boxer Mamoru Takamura takes him to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym to heal.

Ippo earns a competitor in Ichirou Miyata and a trainer in Genji Kamogawa after the other boxers take notice of his formidable punching strength. Ippo battles strong opponents and endures arduous training as he begins his career as a professional boxer.

2. Hajime No Ippo: Boxer No Kobushi

As with every good anime, Hajime no Ippo: Boxer no Kobushi opens with a story. Getting this installment should be your next move after finishing the first series. This episode’s prominence can be attributed to the fact that it details Takamura’s early days as a boxer.

This character’s backstory will be revealed, making it vitally important for the viewers and the actors alike.

3. Hajime No Ippo: Champion Road

Although Ippo Makunouchi has the backing of his friends, coach, and crush Kumi after becoming the Japanese featherweight champion, he faces a stiff battle from his first opponent, Kazuki Sanada, a doctor at the same hospital as Kumi.

Strategic use of medical expertise and the ability to garner the support of the nurses define Sanada’s fighting style. Ippo, despite the strain, must retain his title and defeat Kumi, a dangerous opponent.

4. Hajime No Ippo: Mashiba Vs. Kimura

Tatsuya Kimura is upset that his buddies Ippo and Mamoru have both won championship belts in respective weight classes in Japan, while he has been unable to win the Junior Lightweight title.

Kimura, hoping to better his chances in his forthcoming fight against the reigning champion Ryo Mashiba, has been training with Ippo’s adversary, Ichirou Miyata.

5. Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger

Ippo Makunouchi successfully defended his title as Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation Featherweight Champion of Japan, and his adversary Ichirou Miyata returned to Japan to challenge him for the title.

The eyes of the world are on Japan’s best fighters to see if they can perform to their potential or get blown out of the water by tougher competition. The victors will now take on the role of adversaries, delivering a challenge to the rest of the globe and proving that they mean business.

6. Hajime No Ippo: Rising

Makunouchi Ippo, Japan’s Featherweight Champion, successfully defended his title using his trademark Dempsey Roll. But now there are new rivals who say they have a response to his plan, and it’s unclear if Ippo will rise to the occasion or let his hubris bring him down.

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If you’re looking for a good, clean Shonen anime, go no further than Hajime no Ippo. Instead of superhuman abilities, it demonstrates straightforward human strength with just the appropriate amount of dramatic flair.

The exciting plot of this anime, which centers on the physically demanding sport of boxing, will hook you even if sports aren’t your thing. The characterization is superb throughout. In short, they are endearing, engaging, and motivating.

The animation does a great job of showcasing these attributes through realistic, anatomically accurate, and artistically choreographed boxing contests. Hajime no Ippo is the ultimate anime for all fans of the Shonen genre since it strikes the perfect balance of action, comedy, and drama.