On July 22, the actor posted a picture from his visit to the school on his social media accounts, and it quickly went viral.

Zac became famous after starring in a Disney Channel film. Seeing how happy Zac was during his visit, we’re crossing our fingers for more High School Musical material from him in the future.

How Old Was Zac Efron in High School Musical


When he was a High School Musical Star, How Old was Zac Efron?

When he played Troy Bolton in High School Musical, Zac was just 18 years old. Zac has previously been on television and commercials before being cast in the film.

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But his big break came when he landed the lead role in a Disney Channel movie. His followers saw him in the role of the cool guy at his high school who wants to erase the social divide.

The film’s premise quickly became popular, drawing in audiences and opening the door for sequels.

Does Anyone Know if ZAC EFRON Actually Sang in the Film?

In the film’s early stages, Zac’s voice was not featured. However, Canadian singer Drew Seeley stepped in to take his place. The actor had, however, already recorded all of the music for it.

The director’s decision to omit his voice seems puzzling. Fans did get to hear Zac’s voice in the film’s remaining two segments, though.

Furthermore, Zac was present and performing at every single reunion of the High School Musical cast. Zac’s voice, along with the rest of the movie’s soundtrack, is a fan favourite.

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Can We Get Another Film?

Disney has made no official statements, but Zac has expressed interest in returning for the film. Since the premiere of High School Musical 3, viewers have been begging for more.

There was never a second film. Despite this, Zac seemed eager to come back if something is in the works. In an interview with E! News, the actor admitted to doing this.

As a result, we’re crossing our fingers and hope for more of Troy Bolton’s appearances.