USB Encryption Software: There were times when CDs and DVDs used to rule the market, but now USB drives are all under the influence. A lot of people trust these small portable devices for storing and retrieving their sensitive data. USB drives offer higher speed and much more storage capacities than conventional options.

It is a lot easier to carry data in USB drives around, but at times we rather forget these little ones around, or they are out of sight for some time. But what if someone tries to sneak behind to get that information out of your USB drive? You need to make sure that your data is safe in those USB drives, and this requires software.

USB encryption software, which would help secure your data so that your information is safe even if the USB is in someone else’s hands. Encryption is an act of transforming data so that no unauthorized person can access, read, or modify the data.┬áThis article covers a comparative study between the top 10 best USB Encryption Software for PC.


Best USB Encryption Software for PC

There is 10 best USB Encryption Software For PC. These Softwares are available for free. You need not to pay for this. Go through all the 10 USB Encryption Software mentioned below:

1. BitLocker

BitLocker is a little-inbuilt tool is incredibly straightforward and easy to use to safeguard your data. All you need to do is connect your drive to your PC and simply encrypt it by going into your control panel settings. Using BitLocker software, you can encrypt entire USB drive and volumes with just a few simple steps.

Depending on your settings, BitLocker uses 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. Since BitLocker is deeply integrated with the Windows operating system, it gives you better speed while encrypting and uses hardware encryption using TPM (Trusted Platform Module). It is default software that comes along with the windows built-in for the security of your data.

2. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is one of the best USB Encryption Software for encrypting your system and drives so that they are safe. It solves the potential vulnerabilities that are found in TrueCrypt. The drives encrypted using this software are even immune to brute-force attacks making it one of the exciting features that makes one choose this software. You can create a hidden encrypted volume of your information within the regular hard drives and USB drives.

This option is particularly useful when you want to hide the fact that you are encrypting data. Most of all, VeraCrypt makes it very easy to encrypt and decrypt drives and files using its step by step wizard. VeraCrypt is the ultimate free software to encrypt USB drives. This software is straightforward to use and has a light build design.

3. StorageCrypt

You don’t even need to have the software installed on another system to use it. StorageCrypt is one of the best, safer, and smaller applications. It makes use of the 128 bit AES encryption format for the security.

It is one of the most powerful encryption software that you can use to safeguard your storage drives. StorageCrypt software is so easy to use that even a person with the poorest computer skills can use it without any difficulty. StorageCrypt software can encrypt a 2TB Drive in a few seconds.

4. DiskCryptor

DiskCryptor supports a broad range of operating systems right from windows 2000 to windows 8.1 and even server systems. It uses algorithms like AES, Twofish, and Serpent in a combination to safeguard your valuable data.

Not only does it encrypt, but it also enhances your system performance up to some extent. Though DiskCryptor supports multiple encryption algorithms, it is very fast, and the speed is non-comparable to non-encrypted drives.

If you are someone that needs more control over how an encryption software like DiskCryptor works and not afraid of the prompt command, then there is also an optional Command-line Interface (CLI). As its name suggests, it is open-source software that can encrypt all your disk drives where you can store the data, including the system drive.

5. USB Flash Security

You can download it from a wide range of websites. You can use it freely for drives up to the storage of 4 GB. USB Flash Securityt is a lightweight tool that uses the 256-bit encryption method to safeguard your files. USB Flash Security supports all Windows versions. It is the most commonly used software that can be used to encrypt the USB drives.

6. Rohos Disk Encryption

With a lot of features coming along with Rohos Disk Encryption. Importantly, this software can prove to be beneficial for you and your necessary data. It comes along with a full range extension and tools that make you access all your encrypted drives without remembering the passwords for them all the time. It is a software that you can use on a 30- day trial period, after which you’ll need a license to activate the product.

An unlimited amount of data can be encrypted b this software. The good thing about Rohos is that it also allows you to read and write data to the encrypted USB drive on a guest operating system. You can also hide a folder or any other application directly on your USB drive. This software is a kind of one with the features that you would wish in ultra-advanced encryption software.

7. Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption

Firstly, it uses AES 256 algorithm for encryption. You could recover the data if you made a mistake with the application. Overall it is a straightforward and useful software that is available for all the latest Windows versions. Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption comes with a free ten-time trial, and then you need to purchase the software.

You just need to plug-in the USB, and it detects the drive, rests are just simple features/options you require to choose, and your device is encrypted and is safely locked with a password. This software has a cool and funky design that looks like giving it a metal finish look.

By default, Gilisoft uses on-the-fly AES-256 algorithm to encrypt all your data. Moreover, in the event of any emergencies, Gilisoft also has a recovery option to recover your data. Apart from the look of the software, it is a pretty good tool for simple and effective encryption.

8. LaCie Private-Public

LaCie Private-Public software works with both MAC and Windows PC. It is a simple yet efficient drive encryption software. You can simply plug-in, and you can have access to the files or can protect it. It uses AES 256 bit encryption for securing your sensitive data.

This software is a stand-alone application that doesn’t need to be installed on any computer before running. You can directly use it to encrypt your drives where you store all your sensitive data.

9. USB Security

You can encrypt your data without the hassles of installing the software on the systems you wish to work with your drives on. USB Security not only safeguards your data from stealth but also protects it from malware and other infiltration, keeping it safe and secure.

Though USB Security software doesn’t do much apart from protecting your data, yet, it is another simple to use and cool application. This software is very much similar to the previous one. It doesn’t need to be installed on any system to decrypt your files.

The good thing about the app is that it allows you to create virtual containers to safeguard your data. Moreover, the device is automatically locked by USB safeguard. It happens when it is unplugged from the system. You can just carry it along on your flash drive, and it eases the work for you.

10. GNU Privacy Guard

Firstly, it comes with a GNU general public license, which means you can use it without any extra costs, and if you’re a programmer, you can even upgrade this software according to how you want it to be.

GNU Privacy Guard is a popular tool for encryption of the drives to keep relevant information and data safe from stealth and damage. Gnu Privacy Guard does not use patented or otherwise restricted software or algorithms. Instead, Gnu Privacy Guard uses a variety of other, non-patented algorithms. It is an open-source USB Encryption Software that can be used with ease freely.

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Undoubtedly, encrypting your drives or at least certain volumes that are very important to you is always recommended. USB drives offer higher speed and much more storage capacities than conventional options. It is a lot easier to carry data in USB drives around, but at times we rather forget these little ones about, or they are out of sight for some time.

If you don’t want your confidential data to fall into the wrong hands, it is an excellent idea to protect your vital USB drives with a password and encryption. Also, there are varieties of options that will help you achieve it, either for free or for a price, and whether you’re an average Joe or a secret spy, encrypting USB drives is a very trustable and reasonable measure to protect your data.

You should always back up the data on your USB drive somewhere safe, like a cloud drive. Lastly, you should consider encrypting the USB drive, especially if you are carrying sensitive information in your USB drive.