There are many ways to create Windows 10 Bootable USB or make the drive work smoothly without harming hard drive. And all of them can be used if you don’t have DVDs or hate to use CDs and DVDs to install Windows. Some of the must-to-use methods are:

How to Create Windows 10 Bootable USB


How to Create Windows 10 Bootable USB

Method 1: UEFI Computer

For this method, you need a UEFI computer. After getting the UEFI computer, you have to choose an important file system and format it. To format the file, click START and wait for the procedure to end. You might see the pop-up that all data will be deleted ignore such pop-ups, and let the process end. When the process is ended, go to file explorer to get the file and disk.

Open the dick that has the package and copy all files in flash drive. However, it will take time, so wait until it ends. The bootable USB drive will be ready once the files are copied. All you have to do is to restart your PC and boot via a flash drive along with installing the operating system. Yet, for this, you have to go to UEFI first after starting the computer. Then, you can boot it, make it workable and get all your files and smooth working.

Method 2: Windows 7 USB Download Tool

If you have a BIOS computer, then this method is for you. For this method, you should have Windows 7 on the laptop. Moreover, you need to download the Windows 7 USB Download Tool. It is free of cost. After downloading and installing the tool, select a suitable image file, then go further.

In the next section, you would be asked to select the media type. In this select USB and tap on NEXT. After this, choose one of the important flash devices which are installed on your computer to copy all files in it. Like in the previous method, you will get the message of the deletion of all documents. Ignore such pop-ups and let them copied. When files will be copied you will get the message of BACKUP COMPLETED, and the device will be ready to boot.

Method 3: Command Prompt

If you want to keep yourself free from installing and using software or any website or app, then use commands as administrator. For this, you have to run the command prompt as an administrator. The tab will be opened. Write the command “DISKPART” and then “LIST DISK.” You will get all the details of the disks installed in your computer. Find out the flash drive and write the command.

For example, if the flash drive’s name is Disk 1 then write the command “SELECT DISK 1“. In these ways, all actions will be directed towards the selected disk. After this, enter “CLEAN.” The drive will be cleaned, and once it will be cleaned completely, you will get the message. After cleaning the drive, create partition by writing a command “CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY.”

Select the partition by entering the command “Select partition 1“. After selective, activate the partition by entering the command “active” and format it through format NTFS. You have to wait till it is formatted entirely.  When it is formatted, give the letter to the drive through the command “ASSIGN LETTER= X” and end the tasks of Dispart by writing the command “EXIT.”

Method 4: Media Creation Tool

If you have Windows 8 or Windows 10, then installing Windows Media Creation Tool to make Windows Bootable USB is a must. For this, you should have a decent operating system- Windows 8 or 10, and 4 GB flash drive. To use this method, insert the drive in any port of the computer or laptop and begin utility. Once it is started, you will get the pop in which you would have two options, select the installation drive.

The screen will proceed further to the media type and settings. You can change the settings according to your PC or select the recommended settings. After this, you have to select media to type, so select USB. Select the USB drive you need to choose and then click on NEXT. Once you click there, your driver will be prepared, and it will be ready soon to boot.



So, these are easy to use and must to apply methods to boot your Windows USB flash drive. You can use any of them and make your computer the best!