Every good marketer knows it’s super important to maintain ROI as high as possible. Otherwise, why are you doing marketing? To get profits. That’s right. Here’s the thing. In the age when 7.33 billion people are using mobile phones daily, according to Statista, you should consider mobile marketing campaigns as a part of your overall strategy.

Is there any effective way to do mobile marketing? Yes, that’s where mobile pushes come into play. Indeed, mobile push notifications can boost your ROI significantly if you use them correctly.

In this article, let’s consider how to use these messages to your benefit and get the max out of them.

How Mobile Push Notifications Can Boost Your ROI in 2023 and Beyond


1. Use Pushes to Boost Your App Retention Rate 3x or Even 10x!

Push notifications are a great way to increase your app’s retention rate. According to Moengage, it is possible to see a 3x or even 10x boost in the retention numbers. This can have a direct impact on your ROI.

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The more users you retain, the more profits you will make from your app. It’s a no-brainer. That’s exactly why all smart marketers add this strategy to their arsenal. Even 1 right notification message to new mobile App users can make a huge difference.

According to the best practices, sending it during the first week after the initial subscription is highly recommended. With the right words in your message delivered to your new users, you can increase the retention rate by as much as 71%. And the effect can last for 2 months.

Of course, regular communication is crucial. So, you’ll need to develop the right communication strategy to make it work even better for you.

2. Push Notifications Are a Great Way to Deal with Abandoned Carts 

Abandon carts are the dark holes of marketing. That’s where you lose valuable sales. This is why it’s necessary to be able to reactivate those users who are almost there and move them down your funnel.

Of course, good old email can be a great tool for this. However, push notifications also work great to knock people off the fence and stimulate them to purchase.

The click rate of mobile notifications that contain messages aimed at reactivating abandoned carts can be up to 16%. That’s not bad at all. Combine them with emails, and you have a great way to increase your ROI without adding new users to your funnel.

3. All in All Pushes Can Bring You as Much as 3500% ROI

This one is huge. If you learn How To use push notifications like a pro in your marketing, they can be responsible for a sweet boost of your ROI by 3500%. Think about it this way. If you don’t do this, your competitors will. Thus, it’s much better to master pushes and drive that amazing ROI home.

4. Pushes Seem to Outperform Email Marketing

How Mobile Push Notifications Can Boost Your ROI in 2023 and Beyond

According to the stats, push notifications have better open rates by 50%, 7x click-through rates, and retention rates 93% higher than emails. Of course, we are not trying to say that emails are dead or don’t work.

No. Emails are still a great way of marketing and engaging your subscribers, especially if you hire a real email marketing expert with a proven track record or successful email campaigns. However, pushes seem to be on the rise right now.

5. Improve Mobile Push Notifications Open Rates, Improve ROI

You first need to improve open rates if you want higher ROI. It makes sense, right? With push notifications, you can improve your open rates in many ways. One of the most effective is incorporating emojis into your pushes. Emojis can help boost your open rates by 20%. So, don’t miss this low-hanging fruit in your pursuit of higher ROI.

6. Users Want Better Personalization: Use It in Your Pushes to Make Them More Effective

Marketers know how crucial personalization is regarding ROI and relationships with users. Nobody wants to read generic messages that make very weak connections on a personal level. Now, personalization needs to be even more sophisticated.

Users share the feedback that they are not happy with some generic personalization. They are expecting better personalization when receiving pushes. You need to consider this if you want to get better relationships with your subscribers. And better relationships mean higher ROI, right?

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, mobile notifications are worth a try, aren’t they? They can boost your engagement rates, improve your ROI (sometimes even up to a whopping 3500%!), and save sales (in the case of abandoned carts).