Noah and Jude, identical twins, tell a story about art, love, and loss in the novel I’ll Give You the Sun. The novel opens with the twins—Noah, a quiet “revolutionary” who spends his time sketching, and Jude, an outgoing surfer and cliff diver—closer than brothers.

However, envy and tragedy combine to break up Noah and Jude’s relationship, and three years later they barely speak to each other.


i ll Give You the Sun Summary: Story About the Feelings of First Love

i ll Give You the Sun Summary

Over the course of the story’s three years, we see both sets of twins experience first love: Noah with Brian, the charming new lad next door, and Jude with Oscar, a damaged young English man whose own tragic past allows him to fully understand Jude.

It’s a story about the intense feelings of first love, as well as the heartbreak of losing a friend. The imagery in Nelson’s writing is almost cinematic, and it’s easy to imagine how the characters look and act.

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Thanks to the book’s dual perspectives (those of thirteen-year-old Noah and sixteen-year-old Jude), we’re able to give the text a richer texture. In my view, the inseparability of Noah and Jude in this story illustrates how deeply they are connected to one another.

Despite the numerous disputes, misunderstandings, and confusions that look uncorrectable, all of the characters ultimately find their happily ever after.

Nelson deals with mortality, sadness, art, and love (forbidden love, first love, the love between a girl and a boy, the love between two boys, but most importantly, the love between the twins, Noah and Jude), all of which are potentially challenging issues to write about effectively.

She has done more than justice in this book, however, crafting a work of art that affirms the value of living.

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I’ll Give You the Sun, in sum, is one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. A combination of the story’s premise and Nelson’s evocative prose makes this book nearly impossible to put down.

it’s a masterpiece that deserves all the acclaim it has already received and will continue to get.