You’re always in for a second (or third) chance at love, as demonstrated by the latest HBO Max exclusive reality dating show, My Mom, Your Dad.

After all, the movie depicts the daily routines of a group of single parents who move into a shared dwelling, appearing oblivious to the fact that their children (the ones who chose them) are the ones in charge behind the scenes.

Why Did Karen Leave Second Chance Retreat

This homely extravaganza is what you’d get if you mashed up elements from The Circle, The Bachelor, and Love Island. Karen Larrea had obvious chemistry with Troy Petrick, however she was eliminated early (with daughter Breana).

If you’re still interested in reading on, here’s the information we require.

Jimmy’s situation was discussed briefly earlier.

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Why Did Karen Larrea Leave My Mom and Your Dad? : A Second Chance Retreat

On My Mom, Your Dad, Karen Larrea and Troy Petrick’s time at the Second Chance Retreat was cut short just as things were starting to look better, especially when their children began to see that their parents were a great match.

One momentous morning, when the two were relaxing by the pool, a producer came to visit them and solemnly asked Karen Larrea to join them for a very important private chat.

In the sixth episode, titled “My Rock Says Caution,” we see producer and cast member Karen Larrea leave the house to speak with a third person, Karl (probably the show’s safety supervisor), who says he has “a little negative” information.

A statement reading “Karen just received personal news, and we are respecting her privacy” appeared on the screen immediately afterward. But all we heard was, “Oh, wow.” Okay.”

After apologising and making it clear that she was leaving, Karl and the producer instructed her to gather her things.

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Where Is Karen Now on “My Mom, Your Dad?

Karen Larrea said after that meeting that quitting My Mom, Your Dad was difficult for her, but that she felt she had no other option. She shared her private struggles with Troy in her confession and her farewell letter.

She continued by saying that it was a trying time for everyone involved. Moreover, Karen Larrea has not yet explained why she left so quickly and abruptly, not even in her usual Instagram replies to fans.

The film My Mom, Your Dad may be seen right now on HBO Max.