A Bad Pool Header is a problem in which the screen turns on Blue Screen of Death Error situation. In general terms, bad pool weather refers to a situation where the window is facing the problem regarding allocation of memory.

Bad Pool Header Error in Windows 10


Why the Bad Pool Header Error Does Come Up?

A bad pool_header problem appears in the question when the memory pool becomes corrupt. The most common reason for this adversity is driver issues, faulty Ram and Software conflicts and also hardware failures.

How to Fix Bad Pool Header in Windows 10?

The Bad Pool Header issue in the question is very annoying: this problem makes your computer crash, causes you to lose your progress and leads to permanent data loss, but don’t worry Bad Pool Header problem can be fixed in the following ways.

Method 1 – Ram Test

Since faulty RAM is one of the reasons for the Bad Pool Header problem in Windows. You should start with a test on Ram memory with a built-in Windows memory diagnostic tool. There are two ways to run a memory diagnostic tool in Windows

Step 1 – Click on the start menu, Type “Windows Memory Diagnostic” in the search bar and hit enter.

Step 2 – Press the Windows key +R to open the run dialogue, type “mdsched.exe” and hit the enter button.

What To Do If Windows Memory Diagnostic is Not Able to Detect the Problem?

If the Windows memory diagnostic is not able to find or detect your problem then you should take out your Ram and check that there is not any dust particles presented in it so clean the Ram and put it back and if the problem persists you should change or replace your ram from your nearest computer operator store.

Method 2 – Update Your Driver

Outdated drivers presented in your computer is also one of the problem by which the bad pool header problem arises. You have to update your drivers regularly.

There are basically three ways to update your driver:

Utilize device manager: your voice is quite a resourceful thing, it has been embedded with a device called device manager which can automatically fix this problem. Just follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1 – Windows + X then select device manager.

Step 2 – Select a device or driver which is outdated then right-click on it. Then select the update driver option.

Update Your Driver Yourself:

You can also do eat in your own way just go to the net and search for the device you want to update and install that to your PC.

Using Special Tools

Some special tools are also presented over the internet by which you can also save your time and update your driver easily.

Method 3: Remove Your Anti Malware Software

Sometimes it has been seen that some person has been installed some non-Microsoft Windows antivirus software system which has been come from the market at a cheap price but it is also incompatible with your device.

This problem of bad pool header problem has been coming due to this anti-malware software which is cheap quality and not suits your computer that why this problem has been arising. So if you want to check that this is a problem that has been come due to this anti-malware software disable it for some time and check that this problem solved or not.

If the problem has been solved you should go to the market and change your antimalware software or get rid away from these types of software. Always you have to use good quality anti-malware software in your computer otherwise this will have an adverse effect on your computer.

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So after seeing about listing things it is clearly understood that this bad pool header problem is a very serious problem that adverse effect on your computer it’s leads to your data loss. Sometimes your computer might not work correctly.

So if you want to get rid of these kinds of your problem you should always check which kind of software-hardware you have been installing to your computer as these software/Hardware is also one of the main reasons for this problem to arrive.

Always update your driver check your Ram and clean it properly. Regularly do a full checkup of your computer. If these instructions are performed carefully then you can get rid of this bad pool header problem.